Consortium Agreement

If you are a degree seeking student at EKU and wish to request financial assistance for classes taken at another college, you must submit an EKU Consortium Agreement form.  The Consortium form must be submitted to our office by the last day of the “drop/add” class registration period each semester or it cannot be processed.

For complete instructions and student responsibilities, please click link:                         EKU Consortium Agreement

**Please Note:

  • The classes at the other college must be required for your EKU degree.
  • A Consortium agreement is not necessary if you are already enrolled full-time at EKU; your aid would not change.
  • You must notify our office if you drop or change classes at the other college.
  • If you do not successfully complete your classes at the other college, you may be denied aid for future Consortium Agreements.
  • You must submit a transcript of your grades from the other college once your classes there are complete.  A hold will be placed on your records until the transcript is received and recorded at EKU.  It is your responsibility to notify our office once your transcript has been received at EKU.