Refund Schedule

Financial Aid Refunds for Spring 2017

Student Accounting Services will make every effort to process all refunds as quickly as possible.  The first day for Financial Aid refunds for Spring 2017 is Wednesday , January 25th.  Refunds will also be processed on January 26th and 27th and then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday thereafter.  You may monitor the progress of your refund by logging into EKU Direct and watching your account balance.  When your balance changes from a credit balance to a $0 balance, your refund has been processed and will be sent on the next refund date.  If your refund preference is ACH transfer, please allow 2-3 business days for the deposit to your account.

Book Vouchers for Spring 2017 will be available January 3rd through January 31st.

To Print a Book Voucher

1. Login to your EKU Student Web Account

a. Go to

b. Click on EKUDirect

c. Login to your personal student web account.

2. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid

3. Click on Student Financial Services

4. Click on Book Voucher

5. Read and click I agree to the terms indicated

For more information regarding refunds and book vouchers visit the Student Accounting webpage.